Best dating sites when looking for a serious relationship in NZ


The key to succeeding in online dating is joining a site that best suits what you wish to achieve. In this case, if you wish to find a long-term serious relationship there are sites that chance of achieving the same are higher compared to others. The following are the most recommended sites to join when searching for a long-term relationship in NZ.

  • Tinder

This is probably the most famous online dating app in the current modern world and in more than 37 Nations worldwide this dating site may suit your needs. It is run by a very reputable company and even though the sites primarily focuses on arranging one night stands, an amazing 30% of the members have admitted finding their soul mate on this app. However, you should have an open mind and be ready for anything since some of these junkies might fake love you just to hook you up and get into your pants.


This is the current top-ranked dating app. focuses on matching their members to their dream partners and from this, a great percentage of relationships have actually lead to lifetime commitments. There are fewer fakes but as mentioned earlier it’s good to always keep an open mind.

  • EHarmony

An amazing 29% of the members claim that they found a lifetime partner on this dating site. It is much recommended for those seeking to find someone to settle with.

  • EliteSingles

Just as the name suggests the site deals with the elite people. These are people with high education, power or wealthy enough to considered elite. Considering the fact that most of the members share a common social status, most of the relationships lead to a long-term relationship. If you are elite and wish to find a serious partner this would be the appropriate site to join.


The above four dating sites are the most recommended when searching for a long-term relationship and your chance of success will be considerable high.